Revive & Energise

SUMMER BODIES ARE MADE IN THE WINTER! This is a short two week program to re-boot your mindset and find the motivation to finish off winter on a high! This program is done in partners and both individuals need to complete two challenges to go in the draw to win a prize.

Next program: starts 15th August 2016.  

 1. Attending 4 sessions per week at the Linked Studio (or 4 sessions from our App for non-members) and 1 session MUST be yoga.

2. Send in 4 pictures of a meal off the eating plan when randomly requested to do so. 

If you and your partner successfully complete the above two challenges you will go in the draw to win the prize: The prize for 2015 was a $120 voucher each for Eat Fit Food plus a 30% discount voucher for Adidas. 

Testimonial from Revive and Energise Program:

My husband and I have especially loved this program. We're both feeling so great and it has been such a good kick start to spring, thanks Jack and Steph. 

Marie Therese Wilson

Example eating plan from previous program: