Group training is the perfect forum to get the best out of your training. There is nothing more motivating than training in a group of like-minded participants all striving for similar goals. Our trainers are the most challenging yet friendly trainers in Bayside so you can be sure you will be getting the most out of your sessions - including some friendly banter and a bit of fun!  Our group timetable (see below) has been carefully designed for a fully balanced training week between strength, cardio, boxing and body therapy to help members get the results they want and maintain them. Each session compliments the rest and we utilise both indoor and outdoor training to get the best of both worlds. 

"Linked has been the best membership I've ever had at a gym. I'm fitter than I've been in a long time, my energy levels are through the roof, and even jack says I have triceps now. Linked gave me a new lease on life and the community feel is one of the best aspects of Linked. " Tom Francis

"If you want a gym with great music, challenging and different workouts, a place that values what you eat as much as the equipment you use and encourages friendships and friendly competition then you will love Linked! I started at Linked because I wanted to lose weight in a non-intimidating environment.  A year later, I am eating cleanly, exercising because I enjoy it (not because ‘I probably should’), making great friends and still, losing weight. Thank you Jack, Steph and the Linked Team for changing my perception of what a gym should be." Liz Shaw

*Click on image to download a PDF version

*Click on image to download a PDF version

Guilty Mondays

The best way to start your week, especially if your feeling guilty after the weekend. A high intensity
session, incorporating all the elements of fitness and conditioning, whilst keeping your heart rate high
to burn maximum energy. You will leave guilt free and ready for the week ahead!

Interval Run

Want to improve your running technique, endurance, speed and overall running ability? This sessions is for you! No matter what level you are at with your running this session is designed for all fitness levels to enjoy and improve. No more boring long runs, get your heart rate up with a mixture of sprints and intervals where you can work at your own pace whilst also being pushed to work that little bit harder.  

FIT Group

Our are designed for those wanting to keep active and fit but prefer to train at a slightly lower intensity than our normal group sessions. This might be someone who hasn't trained for a long time, has just recovered/is recovering from an injury, or feels like their age limits the intensity they would like to train at. We offer a membership for these sessions only or you can also come to these sessions if you are a regular group member.

Males Strength

This a male only strength session. This session is specifically designed to build muscle mass and
to improve muscular strength and endurance.


High intensity interval training at it's best! A variety of different challenging exercises for all body parts, including strength and cardio, that will push you to your limits. Your heart rate will be high, the sweat will be dripping and you'll walk out feeling exhausted but amazing!

Full Body Definition

Focusing on the full body through various strength routines, targeting problem areas to gain strength and definition. Don't be fooled by thinking lifting weights means bulky muscles, the goal of this session will be toned and strong muscles. 


Boxing has never been this fun! Boxing with a focus on technique to develop different combinations,
whilst still getting a great workout. With intervals of cardio and midsection also included, this session
will get you fit and dangerous!  

Boxing Bootcamp

This session has a major focus on boxing whilst enjoying all the elements of being outdoors.

Humpday Sweat

This is a super session with a mix up of all that we offer throughout the week. Indoor, outdoor, boxing, bikes, strength, rowing, running and much more are included in this session which challenges your fitness and always keep your body guessing.


High intensity interval training combined with boxing. You will punch it out for most of the session with intervals of cardio and strength in between to keep the body guessing. We use a range of boxing combinations and techniques as well as some kick boxing to burn maximum kilojoules!  

Run Bootcamp

Time to enjoy the outdoors in one of the most picturesque settings in bayside. this session is always on the move focusing on running with a full body workout thrown in at random intervals. Get outside to make use of all that Sandringham foreshore has to offer. 


This session has the best of both worlds - it will involve 20 minutes of hard cardio intervals designed to get heart pumping, and 20 minutes of targeted strength exercises to get those muscle burning. The ultimate complete workout.

Saturday Special

Join us down on the beach track to finish off the week on a high. The session will be tough but fun!


*All sessions are suited to both beginners to advanced levels of strength and fitness. 
We put large emphasis on correct technique to help keep participants injury free. 

For those who are injured simply inform the trainer before the beginning of the session so they can
work around your injuries to ensure you still get a great workout.  

The Linked philosophy to training means each session is challenging, motivating and fun. 
Each trainer is there to offer guidance, support and someone to swear at :)