Linked Programs

At Linked we run a number of programs throughout the year, including our famous 6 Week Challenge that runs at the beginning of each year. All of these programs have a nutrition component to them including meal plans and recipes all designed by our Nutritionist Steph. She believes that health must not compromise taste or convenience which is why our programs will show just how easy it is to eat healthy and love the food you are eating. All programs are based on our philosophy of whole food eating using the most natural and nutritious ingredients and are designed to be as family friendly as possible. Keep an eye out on our homepage for upcoming programs.  

Steph’s 21 Day Detox Program

As a registered Nutritionist Steph created a 21 Day Detox program because there are so many programs and juice cleanses out there lacking professional qualifications and she wanted to provide the safest and most efficient way you can help support your bodies natural detox pathway - because yes our body does detox on it's own but sometimes it needs a little nudge! 

The program includes a 21 day meal plan and exercise plan and you also receive a gift pack in the mail with some essential detox goodies.  Steph has over 100 testimonials on her website that rave about how this program results in boundless energy, radiant skin, quality sleep, improved gut health and as a bonus you may even lose a few kilo's! Click here to find out more about Steph’s 21 Day Detox.  

Cooking classes available! 

Come and join in one of our whole foods cooking classes with our Nutritionist Steph. You will be inspired to find a healthy, balanced approach to your nutrition. Not only will you enjoy a five course meal but you will learn how to cook the recipes and you will also receive your own recipe booklet to use at home with any additional recipes we discuss during the class! Steph will talk you through the benefits of the foods we cook with, the best ways to cook them to preserve nutrient value, and you will also get a tour of her veggie patches and her must have pantry products!   

Classes are limited to 8 people so you have a front row view of the demonstrations as well as plenty of opportunity to ask questions and talk all things nutrition. Other than the recipe demonstrations, other topics we discuss during the class are balancing meals, portion sizes, organic eating, cooking with oils, superfoods, sourcing produce and much more!

Note: This link will take you to Steph's Nutrition website to book directly through her.