1-on-1   //  2-on-1  //  3-on-1
We offer 1 on 1 personal training which guarantees the focus is solely on you and your training goals.
Our trainers can design your training according to your fitness level and any injuries that may restrict
you during exercise.

Or bring some friends for our 2-on-1 or 3-on-1 training. This brings some extra motivation to the session and means you can share the fun! Personal training is also a great complement to the group training timetable, so if you are wanting that extra bit of attention, then personal training is the kind of support you need.

" After my back surgery it was really hard getting back into training but Jack has been amazing.  I wasn't able to do group classes initially because there was so much I was unable to do so I had to have one on one sessions.  Jack has a really good sense of when to push you because you can do more (and are probably being a bit slack), and when to stop you because you are doing too much and might cause an injury, so the most important part for me is being able to trust Jack and his knowledge managing injuries.  I could go back to group classes now but I enjoy my PT sessions too much. They keep me focused, I feel fit, healthy and my back is fine.  I owe much of that to Jack’s great training." Shirley Dare