The inspiration for the holistic approach to health that Linked encompasses is born from Jack Geddes & Steph Wearne. All training and nutrition that Linked has to offer has been trialled and tested by Jack & Steph themselves and form the basis of their own lifestyles. With Jack’s passion in training and Steph's in nutrition, their goal is to inspire people to experience how combining their two expertise is the one and only path to the healthiest you.  Along with themselves they have developed a highly valued team of experts to bring you nothing but the best when it comes to your health and fitness.   


  Jack Geddes – Exercise Scientist + Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Sandringham

Jack has studied Exercise and Sports Science with a major in Sports Coaching and has developed his skills as personal trainer for over 7 years now. Jack has an extensive background in all age groups ranging from kids training to seniors, and has found that commitment and attitude are the attributes which see people gaining their best results. Jack understands life will sometimes throw everything it can at you, so Linked will be there to support and guide you in those tough times. Jack has built a reputation and training style where participants are constantly challenged with achievable and functional exercises to get the very best out
of everyone meaning you leave feeling exhausted but with a great sense of accomplishment.

Jacks love for health and fitness developed since a very early age. Jack has honed his skills in the fitness industry over time and his love for boxing, strength conditioning, cardiovascular improvement, functional body training and core stability form the basis of what Jack uses to help his clients achieve any goal.   

Jack believes that anything is achievable with the right mindset and guidance. Linked is all about finding what works for each individual and getting the very best out of you.  Jacks philosophy is simple hard training and good nutrition with correct guidance and support will get you the results you want quicker
and keep you there longer. 

  Steph Geddes – Nutritionist + Exercise Scientist 

Nutritionist Sandringham

Steph has a Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a major in Sports Nutrition and has completed post-graduate study in Human Nutrition. Steph has now been involved in the Exercise and Nutrition industry for over 8 years and through discovering how to transform her own eating habits, has a wealth of knowledge to share about choosing the right foods to nourish your body, whilst also ensuring the meals taste amazing and are convenient for busy lifestyles. 

Steph understands that making changes to your nutrition is not always a walk in the park, so her major focus is to provide support and accountability to ensure that whatever your health goals may be, they can be achieved.

With a background in exercise and personal training as well, Steph is aware that training will only bring about results when complemented with the right nutrition. The key to achieving any health goal is to establish a link between your own training and nutrition. Steph strives to form that link for people by providing as much support as possible and having an understanding of how to best approach making changes for each individual and their diet.  

Steph also has her own nutrition website, Body Good Food, where she shares recipes, articles, tips and all things nutrition related. 

Jamie Bouziotis - Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Sandringham

Jamie is a boxer/kickboxer with over 10 years of experience training and fighting. In combination with his Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Jamie works to blend his experience in combat sports with evidenced-based practice in strength and fitness training to push you to reach your goals.

With experience as a strength and conditioning coach with high school athletes, semi-professional soccer as well as amateur A-grade senior football, Jamie has all the tools to help you get to peak physical form.

Jamie’s passion for human movement and the improvement of physical/mental wellbeing by means of exercise is what pushes him to get the most from anyone he trains. He believes that participating in fitness training is a lifestyle choice rather than a chore and this drives pushes him to keep his sessions fresh and exciting for all of those that participate.

Lisa Rowse - Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach

Lisa has completed her Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness and has over 7 years experience training people in both group and 1:1 environments. She has a fantastic approach to help you achieve your goals by challenging you to push your body and get out of your comfort zone whilst ensuring the exercises are completed correctly and are right for you. 

Lisa has a background in endurance running having completed the incredible 100km Oxfam run but more recently is specialising in fitness for new mums after transitioning back into training herself with 3 young children.       





Arrow - Linked Mascot


Arrow is Jack & Steph's fur baby also known as the Linked friendly giant!

Arrow loves:

  • Lazing around in the Linked office

  • All humans, big and little

  • Balls and treats

  • and most of all.... cuddles!

Not a dog fan? Don't worry, Arrow only comes in a couple of times a week and sits in the office with Steph.