New Year New You


There's no better way to start off the new year! 

How the program works:

* Completed in pairs
* Runs for 6 weeks (testing week begins Monday 5th Feb, final week finishes Saturday 25th March)
* Each participant will earn points for their team and the winning team will be awarded a $1000 cash prize!! 
* Every participant must be a Linked member as you need to complete three x Linked sessions per week to be eligible for the prize.

How to earn points:


At Linked we have a whole food philosophy which includes each food group in balanced moderation. Our Nutritionist Steph Wearne will upload 30 wholefood recipes on the NYNY website page and you will be required to choose and cook 3 meals per week and send in a picture of each meal to earn points. You will get a point per meal with a maximum of 3 points per week.  
PLUS (you have the option to sign-up to Steph's 21 Day detox program for just $90 (usually $165!) to take you that step above the rest for the challenge!


Dexa Body Scans are the most accurate test available to test your body fat and lean mass. For the challenge you will complete a scan at the beginning and the end of the 6 weeks and your fat loss percentage will earn you points for you team.
From the scan you can see the areas of lean mass /muscle (red) and body fat (yellow), and compare over time.
Scans usually $90 each.


The trusty old waist measurement never lies! Your mid-section is a dangerous place to have fat cells accumulating because they are surrounding your vital organs. Reducing this measurement, for both men and women, is a great indicator of reducing your metabolic disease risk. For the challenge, we will take a waist measurement at the beginning and the end of the 6 weeks and you will recive points for a percentage improvement.   


To measure your fitness improvement over the 6 weeks you will complete our FIT COURSE at the beginning and the end of the challenge and aim to reduce the time it takes you to complete the course. The course will be completed down at Sandringham beach and will involve a mixture of challenging fitness exercises. There will be options for runners and walkers and the more Linked sessions you attend over the challenge the higher you chances of improving in these carefully selected exercises. The course will be completed on Saturday 11th Feb and also on Saturday 25th March. You will earn points for based on the percentage improvement of your time to complete the course.  

Important dates:

Initial testing:
Body scans: Thursday 9th Feb & Saturday 11th Feb
The Fit Course: Saturday 11th Feb

Final testing:
Body scans: Thursday 23rd March & Saturday 25th March
The Fit Course: Saturday 25th March

Celebration & Winner Announcement: Saturday afternoon 25th March


Payment is via paypal and the options are to pay for a:
- Single ($100)
- Single + Detox Program ($190)
- Team ($200)
- Team + Detox Program ($380)

What is the detox program? It's a 21 day detox guided by our Nutritionist Steph Wearne to eliminate sugar, alcohol, gluten and processed food. It is an extremely popular program with hundreds of people achieving incredible results. Read about them here.  

Terms & Conditions

* Each participant must attend at least 3 group sessions per week to qualify for the prize.
* The challenge can be completed as an individual however you will not qualify for the prize.
* Payment is non-refundable.