Linked Performance Pre-Season Program

Our mission is to develop athletes that spend more time performing, rather than rehabilitating.  


• 8 x pre-Christmas sessions
• 8 x post Christmas sessions
• Sessions include 1.5 hours of structured strength & movement training conducted by experienced strength and conditioning professionals.
• The focus is on improving athletic qualities such as: muscular strength & power, cardiovascular endurance, agility, speed and core stability.
• Fitness testing pre & post program.
• Online log-in for strength, fitness, mobility & nutritional resources.


Post Christmas:
Sunday 28th Jan
Sunday 4th Feb
Sunday 11th Feb
Sunday 18th Feb
Sunday 25th Feb
Sunday 4th Mar
Sunday 11th Mar
Sunday 18th Mar



Pre Christmas:
Sunday 12th Nov
Sunday 19th Nov
Sunday 26th Nov
Sunday 3rd Dec
Tuesday 12th Dec (school holidays)
Thursday 14th Dec (School holidays)
Tuesday 19th Dec (school holidays)
Thursday 19th Dec (school holidays)

$160 per athlete ($20 per session)