No joining fees, no lock ins, no worries!

Please note our new membership prices for 2018. 

Terms & Conditions:

Payments by direct debit (Weekly memberships)

·         There is no joining fee for a Weekly Membership.

·         There is no minimum term or commitment for a Weekly Membership.

·         Direct debits are charged fortnightly on a Monday.

·         Should a member have a dishonoured debit, Ezidebit will charge a fee of $8.20. Does not apply to failed payments out of customers control.  

·         To cancel a membership we require two weeks notice before the date of cancellation.

·         To suspend a weekly membership we require notice by 12:00pm Sunday before the week/s you wish for the suspension to commence.

·         If notice is given for a week's suspension and the week has been paid for in advance, the cost will be applied as credit for the next scheduled payment. 

·         Suspensions must be notified via phone call (0439619201) or email (

·         Suspensions are only granted for full weeks.

·         There is no limit to the number of weeks of suspension.

·         Direct debits during a closure period at Linked – Training and Nutrition will not be charged.

Focus Groups:

·         24 hours notice is required for cancellations, otherwise the session is forfeited.

·         If a session has been paid for in advance but 24hours notice is given for a cancelation, the cost for that session will be applied as credit to the next scheduled payment.

Upfront payments (10/20 session passes)

·         Passes have a 6 month expiry from the date of the first session attended.

·         Passes are not refundable.

·         Passes are transferable to a non-linked member.

·         Any free sessions included in the pass will be forfeited if payment is not received within two weeks.

Personal Training

·         24 hours notice is required for cancellations, otherwise the session is forfeited.
.         Should one member of a 2-on-1 or 3-on-1 personal training session cancel with sufficient notice (24                   hours) the remaining members can choose to cancel the session or complete a half hour session (if                  original session is 45 minutes) or a 45 minute session (if original session is 1 hour).  

Nutrition Programs

·         Nutrition Programs are non-refundable from the 3rd day of the program onwards.