Steph is available for one-on-one consultations if you wish to receive advice tailored to your particular goals and lifestyle. This is very beneficial if you feel you have a lot of room for improvement with your diet, but just as important for anyone who may consider themselves ‘healthy’, but aren’t getting the results you want.

Nutrition Review

Review your current nutrition habits and discuss the best strategies to achieve your goals. This is best
for people who would like more direction as to the best foods for them but do not have the flexibility
to follow a structured eating plan. Small changes to your habits lead to results that last for the long term.
Initial Consultation: $80
Follow up consultations: $65

Nutrition Review + Tailored Eating Plan
This option is for those that are serious and dedicated to making some improvements to their nutrition. Receive a structured eating plan that is tailored to your likes, needs and lifestyle. In addition you have Steph's ongoing support to make you accountable and keep you motivated! 
Initial Consultation (including eating plan) $120
Follow up consultations $65 (add $35 for new eating plan) 

Please note prices are set to reflect that unfortunately you are not able to claim consultations on private health insurance rebate (it is always best to check with your insurer to confirm this however).