A day in the life of Steph and Jack! - food and exercise


6:10am Wake

I try not to snooze as it can interrupt your sleep cycle but on the odd occasion will get that extra 9 minutes if I feel like I need it.

6:45am Elixir

This is my morning detoxer and digestive kick starter which is usually lemon juice/apple cider vinegar and warm water but depending how I feel it can also include coconut oil, turmeric, ginger, manuka honey or garlic.

7:00am Workout

I train 5-6 times a week and my routine includes 2 x runs (1 interval, 1 hills/stairs), 2 x strength sessions (1 heavy, 1 light), and 1 boxing/mixed cardio session. I also try and balance this out with more restorative exercise including 2-3 yoga sessions and 1 reformer pilates class per week.   

8:00am Yoga

Either a group class or I use The Yoga Studio App.

8:30am Dry skin brush

Dry skin brushing is fantastic for your skin. It removes dead layers of skin, increases blood circulation and rejuvenates your cells to create smooth clear skin. Rub a dry brush over your skin in a circular motion working from your feet to your neck (I use an exfoliant cream for my face) and it is best done before showering and then afterwards apply a natural oil or moisturiser.

8:45am Breakfast

My favourite meal of the day. I try and pack in as many nutrients as I can at all of my meals but breakfast in particular as it will fuel you for the rest of day and gets your metabolism into gear. Most days of the week I will have a green smoothie. My current favourite is ½ frozen banana, 2 leaves kale, handful of spinach, ½ cucumber, wheatgrass, vanilla pea protein powder, flax seeds, almond milk and coconut water. Otherwise it might be buckwheat granola, fresh berries with yoghurt, nuts and seeds, quinoa porridge or poached eggs on a weekend.

10:30am Snack

 Although I am not always hungry at this time I make sure I have a snack to maintain my blood sugar levels and ensure I don’t get too hungry before lunch. My snack is usually a piece of fruit, handful of nuts or my favourite: 2 dates stuffed with a brazil nut.

1:00pm Lunch

I love going to my fridge at lunch time and seeing what I can create! Often it is leftovers combined with some fresh veggies or a big super salad with plenty off veggies, quinoa and some protein. One important thing for me at lunchtime is that I remove myself from all distractions so I can eat mindfully, absorb my food better and know when I have eaten enough.

1:45pm Body Work

Before going back to work I will do 15 minutes on the foam roller/massage balls and stretching.  If I am really stressed I will try some meditation.

4:00pm Snack:

This could be a small smoothie, piece of fruit, boiled egg, veggie sticks and homemade dip or rice cakes with avocado/nut butter

6:30pm Dinner

Dinner always sticks to the rule 1/2 plate veggies (mostly green), ¼ wholegrain/complex carbs and ¼ lean or plant protein. I experiment a lot with recipes but some regulars are crispy skin salmon with sweet potato chips and raw slaw, Dijon lamb salad with green beans and asparagus, miso chicken with soba noodles and seaweed salad and falafels in lettuce cups with tahini yoghurt dressing.

8:00pm Snack

I allow myself 3 nights a week to snack after dinner but I have been known to let that rule slip every now and again. My snack is usually always 2 pieces of dark chocolate (I make my own so I know it’s good for me J or on the weekend I might make a healthy dessert such as sweet potato brownie’s, coconut cookies or my specialty cinnamon granola with homemade ice-cream.

10:00pm Relax and Sleep

I am very fond of a relaxing bath and a chapter of my book before bed but I will always ensure I am heading off to sleep by 10:00pm.



5:30am Wake

Make sure my singlet isn’t inside out!

8:00am Breakfast

I’m always serving myself a very large breakfast because I don’t get much time to snack between breakfast and lunch so I need something that is going to sustain me until then. Every morning I have a very large bowl with 1 Banana, 1 apple, pineapple, handful of blueberries, 2 cups of homemade Muesli, ½ cup of natural yoghurt. Occasionally when I have the time I will treat myself to 2 poached eggs, smoked salmon, avocado and mushrooms at the local cafes.

11:00am Workout

Depends on the day. From Monday – Friday I will do some sort of strength routine at a moderate intensity everyday and generally will run 2-3 times per week. Ranging from longer easy runs to shortened interval sessions eg. stairs or track work.

I can’t go more than one day without a workout but I am smart about what area of the body I’m working because the body needs to recover to get stronger.

12:30pm Lunch

Another large meal which could be 2 or 3 turkey and salad wraps, Sushi & sashimi day (Wednesday), Chicken Salad, Egg salad or toasted salad rolls. Steph has taught me well so I always try to portion these meals using predominantly Vegies ½, proteins ¼ and then carbohydrates ¼.

3:00pm Workout

Either run/rower/weights or rest depending on what I have done in the morning or the previous day.

5:00pm Snack

Banana/apple and protein drink.

8:45pm Dinner

I always eat fairly late and again I’m very hungry by this stage but I do have good self control to not over eat and try to fill up on vegies rather than simple carbohydrates. Some of my favourite meals are bean burritos, chicken burgers, crispy skin salmon and fish tacos. Very rarely I will have a piece of dark chocolate with almonds and when I want a not so healthy dessert – almond magnum!

10:00pm Sleep

Head hits the pillow and I’m out.